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All of the services and products offered by Moinat to individuals are also available to decoration professionals. Interior design offices, communities, restaurants, hotels, public places, hospitals or specialized institutions can call on our services under special conditions, reserved for professionals. More than 8,000 references are visible on our website and updated daily.

For certain collections such as Heritage garden furniture, large-scale manufacture is possible in order to adapt to all types of projects. Professionals have free access to our showroom where, among other things, Treca Paris bedding and the ByMoinat collection, both designed in Alsace, are presented.

For decorators who do not have a structure with in-house workshops, our upholsterers, cabinetmakers and seamstresses are available to carry out work that will have been offered by the companies to their customers. The company is organized for any collaboration with regard to the realization of studies, drawings, calculation of lengths, research of fabrics and colors or the provision of furniture, also available on an ad hoc basis and “à la carte”. These services for professionals are accessible in more detail on the site www.atelier–rideaux.com which presents the workshop “Atelier Guggisberg”, dedicated to professionals, which has been taken over and continued by the Moinat company in recent years.