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In recent years, a gap has grown between so-called standard furniture and high-quality furniture.

In the past, there were countless workshops and factories that offered quality, mass-produced furniture. Today, supermarkets offer standard furniture at very low prices, because it is manufactured in factories abroad and in large quantities. No longer having a large manufacturing volume, several workshops were unable to maintain production of defined models.

With our design office and a large network of small artisans, we can meet your expectations in terms of quality and customization: style, dimensions, choice of materials and finishes. It is possible to combine different materials and finishes, such as iron (steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, etc.), wood (oak, beech, walnut, fir, etc.) but also more contemporary materials such as corian, resin, waxed concrete.

Architecture d'intérieur - Moinat.net
Architecture d'intérieur - Moinat.net

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  • Lighting

  • Furniture in wrought iron

  • Furniture in Bronze

  • Wooden furniture and fittings

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