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Whether it is a carpet, a hand-woven Aubusson, or a hand-knotted soap factory, rugs are crossing fashions and confirming their usefulness and comfort.

Installed as a staircase carpet, the carpet improves the comfort and aesthetics of a wooden or stone staircase. The installation with brass bars at each step has long been part of a quality decoration, but thanks to a large choice of rugs and bars with different finishes (gold, chrome, black, etc.), it is in great demand today. Our specialists will be able to advise you on a solution adapted to your needs.
We also offer a large collection of Aubusson or Savonnerie type medium rugs. Aubusson – it bears the name of the town where it was once woven – is a flat-woven wool rug on a linen weft. More than 300 models are available, each rug is woven with 30-40 colors. The dimensions are defined by the pattern which has generally been reproduced from a period model, but each rug can also be redesigned to obtain a special size, adapted to the needs of the room that will receive the rug.
Installing carpet in a bedroom will give it a caulked appearance and pleasant acoustics. In addition, the carpet prevents dust from fluttering in the room and therefore is a favorable element and recommended in case of allergy to dust and dust mites.

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