A know-how which is among the most precious of the Moinat house. The profession of upholsterer decorator is very old: it has crossed history, from Antiquity to the present day, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 18th and 19th centuries.

If, originally, the role of the upholsterer was mainly to make and install tapestries that were used to insulate the walls and windows, he now devotes himself more to the upholstery and cover of old and modern seats. We are talking about traditional blanket, mixing springs, horsehair and natural materials.

It is this craftsmanship that is still preserved today in our workshops, in Rolle, and deployed on our sites on which the upholsterers are responsible for the installation of curtains, wall hangings, bed decorations, stretched carpets. or glued … A set of elements that give each interior a unique atmosphere and personalized decoration, which will be classic, contemporary, simple and discreet or extravagant and rich according to the desires of our customers.

Atelier de tapisserie - Moinat
Atelier de tapisserie - Moinat

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  • Upholstery

  • Seat covering

  • Carpet laying

  • Bed decorations

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