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Interior design is at the center of our activity and our collaborators try to best advise the client in the design of a house, an apartment or a large property. They thus give recommendations regarding the choice of materials used for the coating of walls, floors or ceilings. Cornice decorations (plaster), woodwork or wall hangings, each of these techniques offers a different rendering that our professionals master and know how to handle in order to create an atmosphere adapted to the desires of each client.

The interior architecture incorporates not only their tastes, but also all the specificities and constraints of a given space in order to make it as pleasant as possible for its occupants. As such, a plan has been developed to optimize frequent movements in the home while avoiding obstacles hindering natural circulation. In a kitchen, the arrangement of household appliances, for example, is decisive in order to be able to use them comfortably. Practicality is therefore at the heart of interior design and it is the challenge of our employees to offer tailor-made advice, adapted to the lifestyle and needs of each client.

In addition, the work of these professionals also includes a technical aspect with a precise study of the habitat and the proposal of materials in accordance with its geographical location (to better recover light, heat, etc.).

The materials used vary, whether one is located near the sea or in the high mountains, not only for a question of aesthetic consistency but also for climatic or thermal concerns.

Finally, interior architecture is inseparable from aesthetics which will determine the choice of furniture, materials and above all the colors used. Classic or contemporary furniture is arranged according to the client’s expectations, while old objects or modern creations adorn the interiors to create a personalized atmosphere. Our employees also provide lighting, which is very important in a decoration project. Fixtures can be installed on the ceiling or accent lamps arranged in the room to create the desired atmosphere.

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