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Interior design

To advise. To planify. To carry out.

To carry out an important work, such as the furnishing and decoration of a house, the co-operation of varied craftsmen is necessary.

An orchestra gives us a good idea of interior design! Each one, playing his own instrument, more or less important but always necessary, must follow his own score. Moreover, they have to play well, and to play together… So, at this point, every one can understand that a conductor must act in order that all members of the band may work in a good harmony for the pleasure of the audience.
In our job, this conductor is called an interior designer. Such a person must be well acquainted with the pieces of furniture existing in the past centuries, and must know many things about the colours, the style and the atmosphere of the good old days...

Following craftmens are usually involved in an interior design project: electricity, lighting, audiovisual, ventilation, heating, plumbing, building work, staffs, tiling, painting, wooden floors, joinery and cabinetry, upholsterer and interior designer.

For your construction or renovation, we coordinate all professions for an effective result.

Anxious to meet your expectations, we offer a turnkey sevice and work as contractors.
You will thus be spared of the administrative side of the project, such as tender, checking of estimates, accounting, invoices, etc. In that way, we will also be able to guarantee you an efficient follow-up of the work and keeping the time schedule and budget.

You will find below five rubrics presenting some of the services we offer in our interior architecture department.

Why Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA

A family business since 1920

One contact person from the first project until the end of the work

A careful team which is used to supply high standard products and services

A result which meets the customer’s financial and esthetical expectations

Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA collaborates with trustful companies in Switzerland and abroad

Here are some customer testimonials

La Fédération Internationale de Natation a apprécié les services fournis par la maison Charles-Emile Moinat & fils. Nous avons trouvé une écoute exceptionnelle, des conseils avisés et une exécution de qualité. Leur intervention a contribué à embellir le siège de notre fédération, tout en proposant des solutions pratiques en terme d'entretien. Nous recommandons chaleureusement cette entreprise familiale.

Fédération Internationale de Natation, Lausanne, Suisse

Merci à l’équipe de Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA qui nous a permis de réaliser dans les temps imparti les rénovations de nos bureaux. Les équipes de cette entreprise familiale ont réalisés toutes poses de moquette dans les salons et les escaliers ainsi la pose de tissus tendus et confection de rideaux pour notre entière satisfaction.

Banque Eric Sturdza SA - Genève

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