Bathrooms & kitchens

Bathrooms & kitchens

The realization of a bathroom or a kitchen requests much attention during the project in order to guarantee a successful esthetic and usability.

Interior decoration
Curtains & Shades
Furniture & Bedding
Fabric selection
Carpets & rugs
Interior design
Layout & woodwork
Bathrooms & kitchens
Decorative painting
Lighting & multimedia
Garden & outdoor layout
<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=289'>Contact us [Photo n° 289]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=288'>Contact us [Photo n° 288]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=287'>Contact us [Photo n° 287]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=286'>Contact us [Photo n° 286]</a></small>Beautiful and charming kitchen in a manor house in Geneva Lake region between Geneva and Lausanne. The master piece is a huge natural stone fireplace which welcomes a large cooking oven by La Cornue which is black lacquered decorated with brass hinges. The furniture is in light waxed oak. The work top is in a black marble. Old 'tommettes' (loft terracota tiles), laid in rafters with a border, were used to cover the floor. The recessed lighting and the two Chinoiseries lanterns give a special welcoming mood to the room.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=272'>Contact us [Photo n° 272]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=258'>Contact us [Photo n° 258]</a></small>Full renovation and new layout for this Master bathroom. The floor is in beige natural limestone. The modern taps are designed by THG. The walls are painting in faux - Tadelakt. A folding bench in plain Hemlock has been installed in the shower.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=257'>Contact us [Photo n° 257]</a></small>Entirely custom made shower<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=253'>Contact us [Photo n° 253]</a></small>Bathroom with two basins and a shower. The floor is in beige marble with incrusted round cabochons in Verona red. The cabinet and panelling is ocra patinated with a green line. The columns in mahogany have integrated lights. The slash window is dressed wi<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=252'>Contact us [Photo n° 252]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=202'>Contact us [Photo n° 202]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=159'>Contact us [Photo n° 159]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=161'>Contact us [Photo n° 161]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=162'>Contact us [Photo n° 162]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=163'>Contact us [Photo n° 163]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=164'>Contact us [Photo n° 164]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=165'>Contact us [Photo n° 165]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=158'>Contact us [Photo n° 158]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=166'>Contact us [Photo n° 166]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=169'>Contact us [Photo n° 169]</a></small>Project and realization of a guest bathroom : bespoke cabinet with wengé wood and door panels with real bamboo. THG taps in silver and gold. Tiling and border in fake natural stone, gilded with gold leaf.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=168'>Contact us [Photo n° 168]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=170'>Contact us [Photo n° 170]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=171'>Contact us [Photo n° 171]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=178'>Contact us [Photo n° 178]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=173'>Contact us [Photo n° 173]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=174'>Contact us [Photo n° 174]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=175'>Contact us [Photo n° 175]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=177'>Contact us [Photo n° 177]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=176'>Contact us [Photo n° 176]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=179'>Contact us [Photo n° 179]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=180'>Contact us [Photo n° 180]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=181'>Contact us [Photo n° 181]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=182'>Contact us [Photo n° 182]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=183'>Contact us [Photo n° 183]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=184'>Contact us [Photo n° 184]</a></small>Japanese style layout for a shower room next to the sauna and indoor swimming pool. The indirect lighting behing the stained glass gives a soft atmosphere to the room. The sink are in glass with gold leaf inside.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=189'>Contact us [Photo n° 189]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=185'>Contact us [Photo n° 185]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=187'>Contact us [Photo n° 187]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=188'>Contact us [Photo n° 188]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=190'>Contact us [Photo n° 190]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=191'>Contact us [Photo n° 191]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=172'>Contact us [Photo n° 172]</a></small>Beautiful and contemporary Boffi kitchen in ebony wood. Worktops in stainless steel. The floor is with large tiles of 50x100cm.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=186'>Contact us [Photo n° 186]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=160'>Contact us [Photo n° 160]</a></small>

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