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  • 24.05.2019

    Study, drawing, manufacture and installation of a classic entry door in oiled solid oak. Wrought iron grid painted anthracite gray in front of 2 openings in insulating glass. Security with lock tri-blocks. 19th century brass decorative knob in the center of the molded panels.

  • 24.05.2019

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  • 04.11.2013

    From 16th to 24th of November 2013 : Visit us on the antique faire in Lausanne.

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  • 10.10.2013

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  • 12.02.2013

    The layout of the website is beeing updated, with new functionality for your searches. This may involve problems on some configuration. Thanks in advance for your comprehension. For any issues, please contact us at

  • 09.01.2013

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  • 17.07.2012

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  • 01.03.2012

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  • 17.01.2012

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  • 29.12.2011

    As from now, your orders are even easier with the new shopping cart, available on the English, French, and German versions of! Just click the "Buy Online" button next to the items desired.

  • 27.10.2011

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  • 20.09.2011

    Please come and visit us at Fine Art

  • 21.08.2011

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  • 04.08.2011

    In a continuing effort to improve your comfort during your visits on our website, the articles search engine has been optimized. Other changes are in preparation to make the results even more relevant in the future.

  • 16.06.2011

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  • 24.02.2011

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  • 20.01.2011

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  • 04.11.2010

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  • 27.08.2010

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  • 22.07.2010

    A interview in the Longlife Magazine of July 2010 has been added in the menu PRESS

  • 26.06.2010

    When you move your mouse cursor over the new products (on the left), the tooltip has now more info, like : Description, prices, period, stock, with a bigger picture.

  • 24.06.2010

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  • 17.06.2010

    The choice of categories in the right column of the website has been improved to make your searches even easier !

  • 03.06.2010

    As from today all description of products are available in 3 languages ! You can visit our online-shop with nearly 6'300 products translated into french, german and english.

  • 20.05.2010

    A new page presents the good reason why you should trust ! Click here for more information !

  • 15.04.2010

    The search engine has been improved to make your search easy. It will be continuously optimized to give you the best results

  • 08.04.2010

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  • 26.03.2010

    All prices are now in CHF, EURO and USD !

  • 18.03.2010

    New ! The website is now available in 3 languages : french - english - german. Please make your choice at the top left corner of this page.

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