Seats & furniture

Seats & furniture

Our upholsterers and cabinetmakers create or restore classic and contemporary furniture.
Thank the use of springs, horsehair, linen canvas, etc. all our upholstery are hand made in traditional way. However, we use new technologies for tailor-made and contemporary creations for particular needs, such as sofas, couches, ottoman, benches (L-shape sofas, special dimensions, etc.).
Bedding, bed decoration & bed linen

Bedding, bed decoration & bed linen

The choice of a comfortable bed is not limited by technical choices. We propose full bed decoration matching with your interior and are anxious to consider all details.
By clicking on following link you will access to our online catalogue with all beds currently on stock.
Bed linen of highest quality (Schlossberg, Fischbacher, Leitner, Luiz, Graser, etc.) will bring the final score to the comfort of you bedroom.

Interior decoration
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Furniture & Bedding
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Bathrooms & kitchens
Decorative painting
Lighting & multimedia
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<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=300'>Contact us [Photo n° 300]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=299'>Contact us [Photo n° 299]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=298'>Contact us [Photo n° 298]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=297'>Contact us [Photo n° 297]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=291'>Contact us [Photo n° 291]</a></small>Appliques art-déco et voile d’intimité dans le puits de lumière, dans le cadre de la rénovation de l'hôtel Beau Rivage à Genève.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=284'>Contact us [Photo n° 284]</a></small>Salle à manger Art-déco de Jean Follot entièrement restauré chaises recouverte de tissu crin, ensemble complété avec modèles reproduit dans les règles de l’art, rideaux en soie « les ombelles » avec large bordure type sous-rideaux en taffetas de soie, lustre en verre de Murano.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=283'>Contact us [Photo n° 283]</a></small>Salon Art-déco de Jean Follot entièrement restauré et recouvert de tissu Prelle, rideaux en soie « les ombelles » avec large bordure type sous-rideaux en taffetas de soie, lustre en verre de Murano.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=282'>Contact us [Photo n° 282]</a></small>Salon Art-déco de Jean Follot entièrement restauré et recouvert de tissu Prelle, rideaux en soie « les ombelles » avec large bordure type sous-rideaux en taffetas de soie, lustre en verre de Murano.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=281'>Contact us [Photo n° 281]</a></small>Tête de lit capitonnée en velours avec rampe plissée en damas de soie entièrement réalisée dans nos atelier de tapissiers à Rolle, tissu tendu en damas gris et ensemble de coussins décoratifs avec tissus et passementeries, chevet Maggiolini marqueté, puits de lumière avec store électrique incorporé.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=280'>Contact us [Photo n° 280]</a></small>Tête de lit Louis XVI en bois sculpté et cerusé, tissu tendu en damas vert avec ensemble de coussins décoratifs avec tissus et passementeries, chevet laqué noir avec filet doré, puits de lumière avec store électrique incorporé.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=279'>Contact us [Photo n° 279]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=278'>Contact us [Photo n° 278]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=277'>Contact us [Photo n° 277]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=276'>Contact us [Photo n° 276]</a></small>The padding of this box for silver cutlery has been entirely re-padded in red felt. The wooden box has also been renovated in our workshop.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=273'>Contact us [Photo n° 273]</a></small>French and English style antiques and reporductions has been selected to furnish this beautiful Victorian Manor's living room situated in Wimbledon, London. The painting above the fireplace is by AD Cooper.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=271'>Contact us [Photo n° 271]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=270'>Contact us [Photo n° 270]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=269'>Contact us [Photo n° 269]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=268'>Contact us [Photo n° 268]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=267'>Contact us [Photo n° 267]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=266'>Contact us [Photo n° 266]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=265'>Contact us [Photo n° 265]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=263'>Contact us [Photo n° 263]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=262'>Contact us [Photo n° 262]</a></small>Refurbishment of the Napoleon III upholstery chairs and sofa in the Salon Bleu at Hermitage foundation in Lausanne. Blue velvet fabric.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=260'>Contact us [Photo n° 260]</a></small>Bedside Tables - Oak and glass<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=259'>Contact us [Photo n° 259]</a></small>View on a bedroom of a 19th century mansion. The decorative cushions, the spreadsheet and the padded headboard are make in our workshops. Trimmings complete the homely design. The lampshade in pleated silk are entirely made to measure.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=251'>Contact us [Photo n° 251]</a></small>sideboard in oak<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=250'>Contact us [Photo n° 250]</a></small>Side view on a sideboard, with hand made chinese lack on massive wood<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=244'>Contact us [Photo n° 244]</a></small>1 large chinese sideboard, custom made, petrol blue lack on massive wood, with old bronze locks.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=243'>Contact us [Photo n° 243]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=82'>Contact us [Photo n° 82]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=116'>Contact us [Photo n° 116]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=115'>Contact us [Photo n° 115]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=114'>Contact us [Photo n° 114]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=112'>Contact us [Photo n° 112]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=111'>Contact us [Photo n° 111]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=110'>Contact us [Photo n° 110]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=109'>Contact us [Photo n° 109]</a></small>Chalet style bunkbed in oiled natural pine wood, made to measure. It is possible to put the two beds next to one another. The comfortable mattress is by Treca Interiors Paris.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=108'>Contact us [Photo n° 108]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=107'>Contact us [Photo n° 107]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=105'>Contact us [Photo n° 105]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=106'>Contact us [Photo n° 106]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=104'>Contact us [Photo n° 104]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=103'>Contact us [Photo n° 103]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=102'>Contact us [Photo n° 102]</a></small>For a kids bedroom, concept and realization of an 'Indian Tepee' headboard.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=101'>Contact us [Photo n° 101]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=100'>Contact us [Photo n° 100]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=99'>Contact us [Photo n° 99]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=97'>Contact us [Photo n° 97]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=96'>Contact us [Photo n° 96]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=94'>Contact us [Photo n° 94]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=95'>Contact us [Photo n° 95]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=93'>Contact us [Photo n° 93]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=91'>Contact us [Photo n° 91]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=90'>Contact us [Photo n° 90]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=92'>Contact us [Photo n° 92]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=89'>Contact us [Photo n° 89]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=87'>Contact us [Photo n° 87]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=86'>Contact us [Photo n° 86]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=85'>Contact us [Photo n° 85]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=98'>Contact us [Photo n° 98]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=84'>Contact us [Photo n° 84]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=79'>Contact us [Photo n° 79]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=48'>Contact us [Photo n° 48]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=50'>Contact us [Photo n° 50]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=51'>Contact us [Photo n° 51]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=52'>Contact us [Photo n° 52]</a></small>Thank an upholstery workshop in Rolle, in Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux region, we are specialized in traditional upholstery with springs and horsehair which give comfort, quality and style. For an economical solution : the upholstery with foam.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=53'>Contact us [Photo n° 53]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=54'>Contact us [Photo n° 54]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=56'>Contact us [Photo n° 56]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=57'>Contact us [Photo n° 57]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=59'>Contact us [Photo n° 59]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=60'>Contact us [Photo n° 60]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=216'>Contact us [Photo n° 216]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=217'>Contact us [Photo n° 217]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=218'>Contact us [Photo n° 218]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=219'>Contact us [Photo n° 219]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=220'>Contact us [Photo n° 220]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=223'>Contact us [Photo n° 223]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=227'>Contact us [Photo n° 227]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=228'>Contact us [Photo n° 228]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=229'>Contact us [Photo n° 229]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=230'>Contact us [Photo n° 230]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=231'>Contact us [Photo n° 231]</a></small>

Why Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA

A family business since 1920

One contact person from the first project until the end of the work

A careful team which is used to supply high standard products and services

A result which meets the customer’s financial and esthetical expectations

Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA collaborates with trustful companies in Switzerland and abroad


Antique dealer in Rolle, between Lausanne and Genève

As antique dealers and interior designers for several generations, we owe a large collection of antiques, art pieces, as well as many reproductions. All these items can be visualize on this daily updated website.

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