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Contact us at +41 (0) 21 825 48 00 or via the contact form for more information.


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Rental items for :
  • Theaters
  • Events
  • Film production
  • Photography
  • Etc.
Contact us at +41 (0)21 825 48 00 or via the contact form.

Public Authorities

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Contact us at +41 (0) 21 825 48 00 or via the contact form for more information.


Do you wish to estimate and/or sell an art item? Swiss antiquarian Charles-Emile Moinat offers its expert services.

We are always interested. When you contact us by email it’s imperative that we have your full details :
  • - Your first and last name
  • - Your E-mail and postal address
  • - Your telephone number (home/mobile)
Without this information unfortunately we cannot follow your demands. Depending of your case, here’s how we proceed :
  • 1) You have pictures of the item and know what the price would be ?
    You can send the pictures with a description, dimensions and price by mail or E-mail. Do not forget your complete contact information (first and last name, telephone, address, E-mail etc.) otherwise we cannot respond. Then we will tell you if we are interested in purchasing your item (antique, art item or reproduction).
  • 2) You are not yet sure if the item is worth an evaluation ?
    You can send us the photos by email (do not forget all your details) and we will tell you if an evaluation of your item (antiques, an art item or reproduction) is valid. We do not share any other information about the item and its value.
  • 3) You want to sell the item but do not know the value ?
    We can :
    • - Offer our expertise based on photos : CHF 150.- payable in advance.
    • - Offer a detailed expertise on site, which will contain photos, descriptions, dimension, value and the price we would buy your antique, art item or reproduction. The cost of our expertise is CHF 350 for the first hour (payable in advance), then CHF 150.-/an hour. (including travel La Côte - Lausanne – Geneva region). Possible displacement in West Switzerland and abroad, price on request.

Here are some customer testimonials

La Fédération Internationale de Natation a apprécié les services fournis par la maison Charles-Emile Moinat & fils. Nous avons trouvé une écoute exceptionnelle, des conseils avisés et une exécution de qualité. Leur intervention a contribué à embellir le siège de notre fédération, tout en proposant des solutions pratiques en terme d'entretien. Nous recommandons chaleureusement cette entreprise familiale.

Fédération Internationale de Natation, Lausanne, Suisse

Merci à l’équipe de Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA qui nous a permis de réaliser dans les temps imparti les rénovations de nos bureaux. Les équipes de cette entreprise familiale ont réalisés toutes poses de moquette dans les salons et les escaliers ainsi la pose de tissus tendus et confection de rideaux pour notre entière satisfaction.

Banque Eric Sturdza SA - Genève

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