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Carpets & rugs

Carpets & rugs

Are you looking for a carpet for a stair or a bedroom? Our team will help you by the choice of the material and the way of laying the wall-to-wall carpet: traditional stretched carpet or simply glued.
We are also at your disposal for flooring for offices and public buildings.
Aubusson and Savonnerie, faithful reproductions of 18th century originals, will furnish nicely marble or wooden floors. Please see our catalogue.

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Carpets & rugs
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<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=390'>Contact us [Photo n° 390]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=391'>Contact us [Photo n° 391]</a></small>Laying of a staircase carpet at a private home. Wool carpet, red hemmed edge.<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=375'>Contact us [Photo n° 375]</a></small>Realization of a stairway in a mansion<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=372'>Contact us [Photo n° 372]</a></small>Very old staircase, the bars had to be bent to the shapes of the steps<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=371'>Contact us [Photo n° 371]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=370'>Contact us [Photo n° 370]</a></small>Stairway covered with wool carpet, black and white border. Fluted brass bars, with bread apple tips. Installation of a handrail made of rope and brass supports.<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=362'>Contact us [Photo n° 362]</a></small>Custom-made stairway with wool and polyamide carpet at the Royalp & Spa hotel in Villars (Switzerland).<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=358'>Contact us [Photo n° 358]</a></small>Customed-finished staircase handrail. Pattern and colour of the carpet fully personalised, laid by our specialised upholsterers.<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=357'>Contact us [Photo n° 357]</a></small>Contemporary rug in wool and viscose, also possible in silk or linen, in a palma grey colour. For a tailor-made project, please contact us.<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=304'>Contact us [Photo n° 304]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=303'>Contact us [Photo n° 303]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=302'>Contact us [Photo n° 302]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=301'>Contact us [Photo n° 301]</a></small>Creation of a staircase carpet, dimensions and colours to measure. Brass linkage.<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=261'>Contact us [Photo n° 261]</a></small>3/4 stair in plain oak. Custom-made carpet and silk wall covering.<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=247'>Contact us [Photo n° 247]</a></small>A cosy atmosphere composed of a beautiful velvet carpet made of wool, a TRECA bedding with a padded and quilted bedspread. Linen fabric wall coverings and fleece-lined curtains with embroidered linen fabric.<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=85'>Contact us [Photo n° 85]</a></small>Custom made stair runner carpet with manufactured curved rods in black, laid on a woolen underlay.<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=117'>Contact us [Photo n° 117]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=119'>Contact us [Photo n° 119]</a></small>Staircase covered with a passage of wool carpet, fixed on brass rods<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=120'>Contact us [Photo n° 120]</a></small>Staircase covered with carpet (glued) with edge following the shape of the staircase<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=123'>Contact us [Photo n° 123]</a></small>Custom-made savonnerie for stairs<br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=124'>Contact us [Photo n° 124]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=125'>Contact us [Photo n° 125]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_CH/12-contact?diaporama=126'>Contact us [Photo n° 126]</a></small>

Why Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA

A family business since 1920

One contact person from the first project until the end of the work

A careful team which is used to supply high standard products and services

A result which meets the customer’s financial and esthetical expectations

Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA collaborates with trustful companies in Switzerland and abroad

Here are some customer testimonials

La Fédération Internationale de Natation a apprécié les services fournis par la maison Charles-Emile Moinat & fils. Nous avons trouvé une écoute exceptionnelle, des conseils avisés et une exécution de qualité. Leur intervention a contribué à embellir le siège de notre fédération, tout en proposant des solutions pratiques en terme d'entretien. Nous recommandons chaleureusement cette entreprise familiale.

Fédération Internationale de Natation, Lausanne, Suisse

Merci à l’équipe de Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA qui nous a permis de réaliser dans les temps imparti les rénovations de nos bureaux. Les équipes de cette entreprise familiale ont réalisés toutes poses de moquette dans les salons et les escaliers ainsi la pose de tissus tendus et confection de rideaux pour notre entière satisfaction.

Banque Eric Sturdza SA - Genève

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